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  • Hannah Snelling

5 Stars

While staying in Hampstead for holiday, we awoke one day to discover there was no hot water for our showers. We are from the US and were unfamiliar with the water heaters here and, to make matters worse, the private owner of our rental flat was traveling in another country and unreachable by phone. We called Culkin Plumbing and Heating and explained our predicament. He was very kind and understanding, even taking a moment to stop his route to another house call so that I could better hear him on the phone. He immediately recognized our boiler model and being generous with his time and expertise, talked me through a quick fix of adjusting the pressure, which immediately remedied the problem of no hot water. What a lifesaver! I highly recommend Culkin, who I found to be knowledgeable, honest, and most helpful!

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5 Stars

Excellent professional service at a very reasonable price! Would definitely recommend.

Very honest and professional company

Very honest and professional company, they fixed my leaking boiler under 1 hour and charged a fair price. Many boiler repair people are cowboys, they charge before coming and later try to rip you off.

5 Stars

This is the second time we've used Culkin plumbing. They did a great job at a reasonable price, professional and friendly. Would highly recommend.

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