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Culkin Plumbing and Heating bids a fond farewell to streetlife

In 10 days time we say goodbye to agood friend of Culkin Plumbing and Heatings. Culkin Plumbing and Heating was founded by Jeff Culkin an independent plumber in Willseden Green.


Jeff started off with one van, a phone and a commitment to provide his clients with the highest level of service. He started off operating in Kilburn before moving to Willesden Green and slowly built up his client base through recommendations. 


After building a strong base in Willesden Green, in 2012 Jeff decided to start up Culkin Plumbing & Heating and employed an apprentice, at first it was a huge struggle to keep attracting new clients and the companies future looked uncertain. In order to gain more clients, Jeff looked at ways of marketing his business, at which point he decided to join streetlife. What happened next was unexpected and a turning point in Culkin Plumbing and Heating's direction.


Jeff soon realised that far from being just a simple messaging board, Streetlife was a thriving network of members who would regularly contribute to their community and help out their neighbors wherever possible. After regularly contributing to the community and doing a few odd jobs for its members, the number of jobs started to drastically increase. Before he knew it he was being regularly recommended by his fellow neighbors, who acknowledged fair, professional and honest approach to his work.



"It quickly became obviously to me that the key to generating work via social media was simply to deliver a quality service. Then remarkable your customers and neighbors will do you marketing for you."



Thanks to the amazing community within street life, Culkin plumbing and Heating continued to expand its services and employ even more local staff. To date, Culkin Plumbing and Heating employs 6 Full-time staff and also has a great network of subcontractors. In all honesty, Culkin plumbing and heating wouldn't be in the position it is in today without your support and your recommendations. 



Streetlife set out to unite and connect a community, we have been fortunate enough to help 1000's of homeowners and in turn, they have helped Culkin continue its ascent from one man band to a small and established plumbing company. 



Even though Street Life is coming to an end, we hope that the fantastic members continue to contribute on Nextdoor. Street life was always a lot more than just a messaging board and we hope that same community spirit lives on. 



We didn't have time to acknowledge everyone who supported and recommended us but we thought the least we could do was acknowledge a selection of those who did and thank them for helping a small local company prosper. 



Many Thanks,

Culkin Plumbing and Heating

Dan M  7 months ago


Enthusiastically recommend Culkin. Best plumbers around. Honest professional and they know what they are doing.

Dana M  7 months ago


I can recommend Jeff warmly. He is a great guy and knows his business.

Alison Hopkins  7 months ago


Jeff is a Good Bloke.

Meena J  7 months ago


Thank you all for recommending Jeff.

Ruth H 7 months ago


I have used Culkin's 3 times now, and they were always prompt and sorted out the problems quickly. Great team


I *will* recommend Jeff. He tested our gas hob and serviced our boiler last month. He has also done other work for us. And, we will be booking him in for future works.

Local, reliable, very reasonably priced.


Bridget W  7 months ago


We used Jeff and team:    great workers,  I would recommend them.


Thom J

Jeff Caulkin's number is 07904178441, his company is fantastic and have done work for me on quick emergencies


Jeff Culkin


He serviced our boiler last month.

also a regular Streetlifer...

Azra M  3 years ago


Agree with above comment and also recommend Jeff Culkin, he also did my boiler and certified it last month.

Amanda B  3 years ago


Thank you Tim and Azra have been in touch with him.

David F  3 years ago


I have used Jeff Culkin for several years for all boiler and plumbing work and am very pleased with the results; he is also very nice.  Jeff will be blushing if he reads all this.


Reena O  2 years ago


I can recommend Jeff Culkin


Local and reliable.


Good luck!


Brian D


Jeff is good


Bridget W  8 months ago


Jeff Culkin is the best plumber in the area


Celine C


I was just about to recommend Jeff Culkin too.  Reliable, efficient and doesn't rip you off.  Not surprisingly he gets very busy!


Barry C  4 years ago


I'm happy to recommend Jeff too. I hope he doesn't get too busy to help us all!


Hi Geraldine - here's Jeff's details (I've used his firm, they are good)



Senior Plumbing and Heating Engineer

Culkin Plumbing & Heating

Tel: 02030023737


I can recommend

Jeff Culkin: 07904178441,

often mentioned on this forum.


I have used Jeff C above for all my gas engineering (including Gas Safety Certificate) and plumbing work for several years and I recommend him without hesitation. His pricing is always fair.


Contact Jeff cullkin he's the best in the area hundreds of references and a nice bloke


Agreed: and he won't push you into a new boiler uneccessarily!


Amanda B  a year ago


Jeff Culkin local, small company. Great Guy has taken on an apprentice. I think we should support him. Has fitted a shower for me,  repaired and has serviced my boiler.



Reena O  a year ago


We use Jeff Culkin. 07904178441.

We were really pleased with his work and would recommend him.



I had the same issue a few months ago. Called Jeff Culkin who is a local plumber, 07904 178441 and he sent someone around to unblock the drain.

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