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Summer 2019

Reactive Maintenance Vs Preventative Maintenance.


There are numerous downsides to reactive maintenance, the most important being that it is much more expensive. There is also a shorter life expectancy as with reactive maintenance the minimum required work is done to get the system up and running and over time it will deteriorate again. This is why we provide preventative maintenance options. The benefits are; planning ahead, budgeting, avoiding last-minute issues, time wasting. This can save you money whilst maintaining your plumbing, heating, boiler and other mechanical appliances.


Heating System Health Check

Full Heating System Service including venting the system, checking operation of valves and controls, all radiators and system water quality, turbidity and pH test.


Cleaning out internal appliance drains, sinks, basins, showers, wet rooms, washing machines and dishwashers. Wet vacuum wastes, clear ubends/traps for all plumbing appliances (basin, baths, sinks, shower traps and wet room trays)

Leak Investigation Detection.

Experienced qualified registered plumbers. Thermal imaging cameras, pressure test equipment.

(In house certified damp surveyor from September)

Heating System Flushing; Heating Chemical and Power Flushing.

Iron and aluminium oxides known as sludge build up in heating systems, left unchecked they oxides make the water more corrosive result in an escalating cycle and damaging components of the system and boiler. To avoid costly repairs and improve the efficiency of your system book a system flush.

Contact us for a price. Prices vary depending on size and type of system.

Legionella Inspections

Schools, homes, offices. Call for a quote. Prices start from £40+VAT as an add on service to a gas safety inspection. 

Gas Appliance Servicing;

Gas Fire servicing. £75+VAT

Warm Air Unit servicing. £125+VAT

Gas Fire Servicing £75+ VAT

Aga, Range Cooker, Raybourn Service £240+VAT 

Pump Service (Plumbing pumps; Stuart Turner approved service company) £75+VAT

Heating System service, heating circulator pump maintenance, turbidity test, pH test. (Ask for add on price).

Cylinder/Megaflo servicing

Annual G3/unvented cylinder service £75+VAT

5 years service of G3/unvented/mains cylinder; removing access panels, or immersion to vacuum out cylinder and clear mineral deposits. (A must for commercial cylinders or those with frequent use in hard water areas).

Boiler Servicing

£75+ VAT

Expert Vaillant trained, Ideal and Potterton Baxi Main Trained Boiler Engineers.

More about our boiler servicing  

See below if you own a Vaillant or ideal for our service plans;

Tap into our experience and Training;

Vaillant Service Plans Long Term Maintenance;

  • Standard 1 year Vaillant Service £75+VAT

  • Standard 5 year Vaillant Service (includes Supply and fit gasket Seal). £110 + VAT

  • Enhanced 5 Year; Vaillant Service with supply and fit gasket seal, water pressure sensor, auto air vent, check of pH levels, check inhibitor levels, supply and fit expansion vessel. £340.

  • Parts Replacement Plan Service with supply and fit gasket seal, water pressure sensor, auto air vent, expansion vessel, diverter valve, plate to plate heat exchanger, £590+VAT, includes checking of pH and inhibitor levels. 12 month warranty on parts.

  • Vaillant EcoTec Swap Prices from £1650+VAT, replace the whole boiler for the new ERP model. Includes Chemical flushing. Minimum 7-year warranty on boiler parts and labour. Up to 10-year warranty available.

Ideal Service Plans Including; Logic, logic+ Independent/I-Mini/ Ideal Keston.

  • Standard Annual Service £75+VAT, includes Burner washed and Cleaned.

  • 5 Year Service Plus/End of warranty Services; Standard service plus; supply and fit Flow Turbine Cartridge, water pressure sensor, £220 includes checking of pH levels and turbidity test. 12-month warranty on parts.

  • Ideal Logic Swap  (excludes Keston -prices available) Prices from £1350+VAT, replace the whole boiler for the new ERP model. Includes Chemical flushing. Minimum 2-year warranty on boiler parts and labour. Minimum 2-year warranty on boiler parts and labour.

Own a different boiler? Send us the make, model, age and history and we can advise or just book a standard service and we can assess the boiler with the service.

Electrical Appliance Testing

Electrical appliance testing, (or PAT Testing) in effect all the landlord or homeowners electrical appliances are tested for safety and individually labeled; (fridge, freezer, washing machines, dishwashers, macerators, ovens, extract fans, hobs, dishwashers built in microwaves etc). This testing is mandatory practice in HMO’s but all landlords are required to make sure their appliances are safe to use.

Packaged Property Services (<<click to see prices) -

Servicing and testing packages, one visit with huge discounts;

Services available;

Boiler Service

Fire Service.

Gas Safety Inspection and Certificate.

Legionella Inspection.

Pump Service (Plumbing pump Stuart Turner approved service company)

Electrical Appliance Testing

Heating System service, pump maintenance.

Cylinder/Megaflo Service.

Warm air unit service.

Culkin Plumbing and Heating

North West London’s local plumbers; NW1 NW2 NW3, NW4 NW5, NW6 NW8 NW10 NW11 W9, W10, W11

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