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Complete Premium Property Servicing

Pro active maintenance is not only potentially a money saver it is a pro active way to keep your tenants happy.

Packages are ideal for new tenancy's or to avoid maintenance issues all year round.

Complete Premium Property Service

  • Landlord Gas Safety Inspection* 

  • Boiler Service

  • PAT testing of landlords appliances portable appliance testing, in effect all the landlords electrical appliances tested for safety and individually labeled; (fridge, freezer, washing machines, dishwashers, macerators, ovens, extractor fans, hobs, dishwashers built in microwaves etc).

  • Detector Alarm Testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (documented)

  • Appliance Drain cleaning Cleaning out all drains and u-bends/traps for all plumbing appliances (basin, baths, sinks, and showers)

  • £280 + VAT for up to a 10 room 1 - 2 bath/shower room property. (NW postcodes plus W9 W10 W11)


£20 + VAT per second kitchen. (£12 inc VAT)

£20 + VAT per additional (third+) bath/shower room or en-suite.

£20 + VAT per additional gas appliance e.g. gas fire or a second boiler. 

*Standard including cooker or hob, boiler, pipework and meter. Also available for home owners.

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