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What's the Difference Between the Vaillant Ecotec Pro and the Vaillant Ecotec Plus Models?

Both boiler ranges are fitted with the highly rated Stainless Steel Giovanni Heat exchanger which is very reliable but more expensive than an aluminium and/or silicone based heat exchanger.


The Ecotec Plus models are the more expensive higher end boiler.


Consequently, there are the following differences.


The plus and the Pro also have different gas assemblies. 

Efficiency rates same or very similar.


The plus has more complicated software and more settings options, the details of which would only ever be tapped into by a commissioning or service engineer.


The plus contains a specific for purpose direct hot water temperature sensor

The pro calculates the hot water temperature from other existing temperature sensors (NTC stats).

However almost certain homeowner or end user would not notice any difference, in fact, we would say we even in commissioning we do not notice any drift is direct hot water temperatures.


The Plus range has a built in filling loop which is especially useful when trying to optimise space in a kitchen etc. The Pro range requires an external filling loop to be fitted. Provided the external filling loop is of a good quality we find that a good quality external filling loop is the most reliable choice.


A big difference can be the warranties however, as approved installers, we offer extended warranties of 5 years on the Pro and 7 years on the plus (as of January 2017)


There are slightly different flow rates between the pros and the plus even when KW out is the same the Plus direct hot water flow rate is slightly higher.


The Pro only has two models 24 and 28 KW.

The Plus models have a 24kW 28KW 32KW 35KW and 38KW (the last two are also physically bigger than the others). If you have two bathrooms we would suggest considering the higher size models.

There is also a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 938 which is a 38KW boiler with an additional built-in storage to allow higher still flow rates for properties with two or more bathrooms.


The Plus models have a flap cover over the controls. The Pro models controls are exposed. This, of course, is only significant if the boiler is in plain site;

Vaillant Ecotec Plus Boiler Cover
Vaillant Ecotec Pro Boiler Cover
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