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Gazco Gas Fires Gazco Riva2 800 & 1050 Installation and Servicing issues resulting in Glass Pane

Gazco Gas Fires

Gas Safe Saftey Alert Issued 29/07/2013

Installation and Servicing issues resulting in Glass Panel Failure

This relates to Gazco Riva2 800 & 1050 Gas Fires Gazco LTD a maufactuere of gas fires have become aware of two incidents where installation and servicing issues have resulted in a delayed cross-lighting within the appliance. This has lead to the glass breaking.

They have now issued a Safety Alert to raise awareness to Gas Safe Registered Businesses and Engineers. Who may encounter unmodified versions of this range of gas fires during the course of their work. Should you wish to this modification to be made to your Gazco Riva2 800 or 1050 you can directly contact your installer or a local gas safe registered company (who are arredited to work on gas fires)

To find a Gas Safe Engineer in your area you can visit

and enter 'fire' in area of work. If you are a gas engineer all the details of the safety alert are in the document link to below;

Download Safety Alert. Gazco can be contacted on the following numbers. Customer Services: +44 (0)1392 261999 Technical Enquiries: +44 (0)1392 261950 Please note this Safety Alert only applies to natural gas versions of these models.

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