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Legacy issues and Last Years Unresolved Heating Problems.

Out of site out mind. State bound knowledge. Not knowing why you left a room until you go back in.

Same applies to the heating problems you forgot about it till you turned the heating back on.

Every year I attend numerous properties in the Autumn and worse still in the winter when people are suddenly reminded of the problem that developed last season they now urgently need to be fixed. This is very often when they have just started to use the heating. It's peak season for heating engineers, we knew about these problems last March, but it's human nature to put them out of mind. Your busy in the winter, it's perhaps just that one radiator that stopped working, or that noise that started happening, or that random cut out of the boiler, your were busy, you made it through the winter. Now you've just starting using the heating, but your going to have your heating disrupted while it's repaired. The problems may have got worse and now you need it fixed quick, and it could to be more costly to repair than if it's attended to earlier.

So a suggestion from me, while it's Spring or Summer, get the problem looked at and fixed without any interruption to heating while you need it.

Common Problems we have reported to use each autumn.

Individual radiator(s) or towel rails not working.

Poor output performance - flush might be required.

Controls not working, room stats, programmers.

Unexplained noises from the system or boiler.

Underfloor heating zones not working, or whole underfloor system under performing.

Just having a very old boiler - always best to upgrade out of season, as no heating disruption, and schedule works at the time that is convenient rather than ASAP

Annual boiler service, if you usually have this carried out during winter, think about moving it. Any works or issues with the boiler could potentially leave you without service pending supply of parts and scheduling of repairs.

Minor leaks occurring when the heating is on.

Same rule apply to upgrades and planned maintenance, for example if your having an extension and the boiler moved, always best to have the heating part carried out while you don'e need the heating.

In conclusion any problems that you did not have to deal with urgently over the winter deal with them before you the need the heating again. Why;

Benefits of Heating Repairs in Spring Summer

Availability of heating engineers

Plenty of time to deal with complex issues.

Time to plan works around your schedule.

No interruptions to your heating while you need it most.

Dealing with problems before they escalate.

Time to get quotes and asses benefits of upgrades or planned maintenance.

If your a landlord have works planned for while your tenants are on holiday or between tenants.

Plan works around working from home, in the office, going on holiday etc.

Potentially saving time and money simply by not being in a rush.

Having time to deal with the causes of problems rather than quick repairs.

Hope this is helpful/informative. Please leave feedback here or you can email us at should you wish.

Jeff Culkin

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Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith
Aug 10, 2023

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