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Ideal iMini 24 30 Boiler Dimensions and Clearances

Ideal iMini 24 30 Boiler Dimensions, services and clearances all dimensions in mm

Width 395 mm

Dept 278 mm

Height 700 mm

The following minimum clearances must be maintained for operation and servicing.

Front clearance. The minimum front clearance when built in to a cupboard is 5 mm from the cupboard door but 450 mm overall clearance is still required, with the cupboard door open, to allow for servicing. *

Bottom clearance. Bottom clearance after installation can be reduced to 5 mm. This must be obtained with an easily removable panel, to enable the consumer to view the system pressure gauge, and to provide the 100 mm clearance required for servicing.

Side clearances. 5 mm each side minimum.

Additional space will be required for installation, depending upon site conditions.

Side and Rear Flue a. Provided that the flue hole is cut accurately, e.g. with a core drill, the flue can be installed from inside the building where wall thicknesses do not exceed 600 mm (24”).

Where the space into which the boiler is going to be installed is less than the length of flue required the flue must be fitted from the outside.

Installation from inside ONLY b.

If a core boring tool is to be used inside the building the space in which the boiler is to be installed must be at least wide enough to accommodate the tool.

The boiler connections are made on the boiler bulkhead fittings.

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