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No Water in Nw3 Nw6 West Hampstead or Finchley Road, Belsize, Thames Water Supply Issues

If you live in West Hampstead or around Finchley Road NW3 or NW6 from 2013 onwards you may from time to time find you have no water.

Thames Water are under going an upgrade of the existing mains supply pipes. This is expected to be completed by the

shocking date of 2025. In the mean time no surprises if there are intermittent issues.

In The first half of 2013 there were 200 leaks on water mains in West Hampstead and at least 3 interruptions in supply that I am aware of.

Interruptions in supply may result in intermittent slower flow rates, as well as no flow situations, as large volumes will retain some pressure for variable periods of time depending on volume and time of day.

If your currently suffering from a problem you might find an update here

Though the most responsive format seems to be Twitter‎

You don't have to be on twitter to check here for updates, but if you are you can ask Thames water questions directly and get a response.

Alternatively Thames water contact web page is;

Recent interruptions to supply include;

March 31st 2014

March 13th 2014

January 26th 2014

December 14th 2013. (Larger area affected).

Please contact us if you can update his information.

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