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No water problems nw2. Low pressures and low or no flow rates.

Thames Water is undertaking some emergency works in Sneyd Road, NW2.

Message from Thames Water to local councillors 16/06/14. Passed to us thanks to NorthWestTwo residents association

"Last night there was a burst on a large 42inch water main in Sneyd Road. Our engineers attended the site and needed to close the road to keep the site safe. We have shut in the water main and stabilised the water network, so there is currently no impact on customers’ water supply. We will continue to monitor the water pressure in the network. We are also in the process of keeping residents updated.

Our engineers are on site now carrying out all the necessary assessments before they can begin digging down on the pipe. Once we have excavated the area around the pipe, we should have a better idea of the damage caused and the type of repair works needed.

I can assure you we will be working as quickly as safely possible to repair the burst and reinstate the main. I will keep you updated as our works progress."

Water issues experienced may include No flow and low flow rates and low pressures. Hot water system with direct mains supply's e.g. Combination boilers, Megaflo's and similar systems could be affected during the work.

Air in pipes may be experience following the work open taps minimally to allow air out with minimum water hammer.

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